TONYE Garrick is not just a hard-working and dedicated individual, but an elegant, sophisticated, and naturally beautiful singer and songwriter. 

In this photo, TONYE’s  Smokey Eye makeup look maintains her personality yet draws attention to her subtle confidence.  Recreate this look in our next ‘LOOK LIKE HER” Beauty Blog Series brought to you by Aesthetics Cosmetics.

The Eyes can be the most beautiful asset, focal point of attention or a preview to any woman’s personality. The Eyes express emotions and communicate words without being spoken.  The sophisticated appearance of a Smokey Eye captures attention effortlessly no matter the time, place or event.



The perfect Smokey Eye begins with the perfectly defined eyebrows. Trim and wax eyebrows for a perfect cut clean look to reveal the natural arch of your eyebrows.  Define your eyebrows using the Aesthetic Cosmetics Long Wear Brown Toffee Gel Eyeliner and highlight the arch of your brow with our Cover up Cream Concealers.


Prep your eyelid with our long wear Eye and Lip primer. This will help keep your eye shadow in place and prevent it from smudging. Apply our Shimmer bronze eye shadow directly onto your eyelid and blend out your eye crease with our Deep brown Eye Shadow for a complete Smokey eye.  Line the top of your eyes with the Aesthetic Cosmetics Jet Black Liquid eyeliner for intensity.

To complete The TONYE’ GARRICK Smokey Eye look, attach a pair of  false eyelashes and add additional volume to your lashes, then finally apply the Aesthetics Cosmetics Intense Volumizing Lash Mascara

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