TONYE Garrick is not just a hard-working and dedicated individual, but an elegant, sophisticated, and naturally beautiful singer and songwriter. 

In this photo, TONYE’s  Smokey Eye makeup look maintains her personality yet draws attention to her subtle confidence.  Recreate this look in our next ‘LOOK LIKE HER” Beauty Blog Series brought to you by Aesthetics Cosmetics.

The Eyes can be the most beautiful asset, focal point of attention or a preview to any woman’s personality. The Eyes express emotions and communicate words without being spoken.  The sophisticated appearance of a Smokey Eye captures attention effortlessly no matter the time, place or event.



The perfect Smokey Eye begins with the perfectly defined eyebrows. Trim and wax eyebrows for a perfect cut clean look to reveal the natural arch of your eyebrows.  Define your eyebrows using the Aesthetic Cosmetics Long Wear Brown Toffee Gel Eyeliner and highlight the arch of your brow with our Cover up Cream Concealers.


Prep your eyelid with our long wear Eye and Lip primer. This will help keep your eye shadow in place and prevent it from smudging. Apply our Shimmer bronze eye shadow directly onto your eyelid and blend out your eye crease with our Deep brown Eye Shadow for a complete Smokey eye.  Line the top of your eyes with the Aesthetic Cosmetics Jet Black Liquid eyeliner for intensity.

To complete The TONYE’ GARRICK Smokey Eye look, attach a pair of  false eyelashes and add additional volume to your lashes, then finally apply the Aesthetics Cosmetics Intense Volumizing Lash Mascara

Recreate Mrs Carter's look here with these beauty tips and tools (her haute outfit not included); Read below and enjoy how to accomplish this look.

Your Eyes: The Eyeshadow - Choose between the Shimmer Gold or Burnt Simmer Orange for a more intense look to draw attention to your eyes.

Your Eye Brows: Create perfect soft eyebrows with our Deep Brown Eyeshadow

Your Eyeliner: Complete your gaze with a our deep brown eye shadow color.  Or for a more dramatic look, use our Jet Black liquid eyeliner.

Your Eyelashes:  Hold back the false eyelashes this season and apply our intense Volumizing Lash mascara for lashes that are 12 times longer, thicker and fuller.

Your Face:  Complete your Flawless look; Prep your face with our camera-ready photo finish primer, to ensure that your foundation lasts all day.  Cover up dark circles or bags under the eyes using our cover up concealers.  Apply Our Flawless Finish Liquid Water Based Foundation with Vitamin E for  medium to full coverage.  Set this flawless look with our loose powder foundation using our soft Kabukki Brush.

Your Cheeks: Our best kept secret to a gorgeous luminous glow happens when you combine any of our soft or highly pigmented long stay cream blushes with our infamous Terra Cotta Bronzer.  Add an additional twist to the Mrs Carter Spring look using our “Sweet Cheeks Cream Blush and Terracotta Bronzer for the perfect bronzed out glow on your cheeks.

Your Lips:  Red is the color fit for a queen, but symbolizes the greatest emotion of all...Love!  Bold and Sexy Red Color is everything lovely and the final step to the Mrs Carter look.  Get these gorgeous lips using our Flaming Red L7 Lipstick with an added touch of shine using our Fire Engine Extreme High Shine Lip Lacquer Glosses infused with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and Grape Seed Oil.

Your Makeup Application:  For perfect makeup application, you need the right tools. Use our Lip stick red Professional makeup brush set with a cute arsenal of 18 brushes to choose from.

For any questions on any of these products, send us an email to and we would be glad to respond to you with answers that help you look and stay beautiful.

Hi Ladies!
Congratulations on taking the first step towards attaining GORGEOUS HEALTHY HAIR by joining the Ladies of Aesthetics on a 120 DAY HAIR GROWTH CHALLENGE!! Its going to be a fabolous hair journey as long as you DONT QUIT!.  As we begin this healthy hair journey, remember every step of the way that YOUR HAIR CAN GROW! 

As we jump start into WEEK 1, here is a list of  action items to acc
omplish in the next 7 Days.
1. Go to a professional hair stylist and request to have all your split ends cut off. Split ends occur when the ends of the hair follice split in to two or three parts. This makes the hair weak , damaged and leads to further breakage. Split ends are unrepairable. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off.
2. Drink at least 4-8 cups of water everyday. The hair shaft is comprised of one quarter water. Drink at least 4 to 8 cups of water a day to stay hydrated and grow healthy hair.
3. Change your diet. A proper diet of vitamins, protein, amino acid and minerals play a major role in healthy hair growth. Any deficiency in these natural diet supplements can lead to gradual thinning of hair. Also, get in a habit of taking dietary suppliments that work hand in hand with your new diet plan to promote faster hair growth
4. Exercise. Spend at least 20mins/3 times a week exercising. Working out will help improve blood flow to your scalp. Exercise is just as important as a healthy diet when it comes to growing your hair back. Insufficient blood flow in the scalp area prevents the scalp from receiving all the nutrients that it needs in order to promote healthy hair growth. A steady work out plan will help stimulate the scalp to promote faster hair growth.